Get community back…thoughts

So I want to make sure everybody who was following me comes back and relinks to me, but I also want to have the word spread that I have moved.

I have a ton of CD’/DVD’s to give away that I can use for contests.

Any ideas how to best use these to get the word out about the move and get people to change info and tell new people?






4 responses to “Get community back…thoughts”

  1. Paul J. Avatar

    I’ve got you updated in my RSS reader and my link love. I like the new site!

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  2. Erik C. Avatar

    I think what you could do is ask people to post a link to their site or blog and then have them send you an email confirming. The first 20 people who do that get a prize. Or you put everyone’s name (who posted a link) into a hat and draw for prizes. People who take it a step further and post a blog entry, win a million dollars! 😉

  3. admin Avatar

    @Paul..thanks man.

    @Eric C.: yes just what I was thinking. Great call. thanks man. By the way Ill be adding you to the blogroll. It’s almost up, but I think I might be doing it on it’s own page. Hope to see the link love, but you can wait for the contest. lol

  4. Conner Avatar

    Ha sorry buddy! I updated my GReader and not the site! Problem solved.

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