Help with multi-site streaming

There are churches in our denomination that are not very big and do not have the resources that other churches have. This includes Worship people.

I was thinking I want to try to broadcast our worship so other church or locations can get the feed and worship with us. This is similar to multi-location setup.

Here is where I need your help:

  • How do I do this?
  • What do I need?
  • What does recieveing church need?
  • and can it be done with a lower budget?

15 thoughts on “Help with multi-site streaming

  1. We’re going down this road at the moment. I’m not sure what the budget is, but I know it ain’t cheap.

    You just missed a big multi-site focused conference in South Carolina.

    Tony Morgan is the man to talk to.

  2. Fred: I knew that route but im worried it might be too choppy

    BIG A!: yeah i figured it wouldnt be cheap, but I dont need different camera angles etc either.. hmm

  3. I assume the receiving church would need some sort of high-volume feed (would T1 work?), a projector, a sound system, and a screen.

    Oh, and a person who knows how to use all of the above too.

  4. Check out Newspring’s setup. Definitely the higher end of things, but there are smaller options in what they are doing. If you go to Tony Morgans Mogulus page, there is a recorded June 3rd episode under the on demand button that talks to their equipment and setup. Very cool.

  5. We’ve tried uStream and Mogulus. uStream for is very unreliable for me on my Mac. Encoding in my PC just max’s out the cpu and it gets very choppy. Mogulus has been working out okay so far. Definitely not the way you want to go if you want to do it absolutely right though.

    We have a design firm coming in on Monday to help us with some idea’s.

  6. I did a ustream on my PC and well…. it sucks! it always cuts out. How about cisco the human network or something?

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