“Cheer Up, It’s Not the End of the World”

I did some artwork for a super cool buddy of mine, John.

He turned his church into a living Comic Book. AWESOME! Check out the video and then check out his blog. Read everything on it. He does some amazing stuff.


9 thoughts on ““Cheer Up, It’s Not the End of the World”

  1. replying to your comment: Oh, I’m fine don’t worry about praying for me 🙂 I just have some stuff I need to do on saturday and sunday, one of the days I am going to the harvest faire and another I have to get my stuff from my sisters storage…
    by the way this rocks

  2. oh yeah and DO STUFF LIKE THIS FOR OUR CHURCH!!! *HINT HINT THINK TANK!* Im telling your mom you flicked paper at me lol

  3. That’s way out of the box. Such a dymanic was to interact in the worship space. Love it! most innovative thing I’ve seen recently.
    My name is dorothy (vicar of vibe) and in case you are still interested we’ve started a group on flickr specifically to share stage/set designs and experiential worship design elements for churches. Would love to have you share your designs.
    Like I said that is simply awesome…

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