Introducing the Ignite Band

I want to introduce the most insane worship band ever.

Matt– rhythm & lead guitar (soon to be vocals): Influences are Metal, progressive rock

Brian K– Drums: Influences are 90’s rock and metal. Also in a speed metal band

Brian O- Bass and Wah: Influences 90’s hardcore

Joel- rhythm & lead guitar, Lead vocals: Influences..Everything from Charlie Hall to Yes to Tori Amos

Rich- Our wicked cool tech guy: He prefers not to be influenced by anybody.

That’s the band until God brings more people into. I have to say that is one cool mix of people and styles.

1 thought on “Introducing the Ignite Band

  1. Cool! It’s not often that you see a worship band with a Dean Dimebag guitar…

    Our guitarist occasionally pulls out his Gibson Flying Vee, but he doesn’t have any cool heavy metal guitars…

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