24 thoughts on “Can you name these bloggers?

  1. also, you could have been my husbands twin at that age. omgoodness. I just showed it to him and said “what do you think of this?” and he said “oh geeze, that’s creepy.” 😆 haha!! Seriously, twins. 😯

  2. ha ha…Oh yes I did it…I finally pulled a scanner out of the basement and got this puppy on the computer

    Brandy: Alece was your husbands twin or I am? lol

    Alece: lets not discuss the hair…I also seemed to have a HUGE head. wow. also in that pic are the romano’s and Mike.

    Matt: hmmm 🙂

  3. Well shoot! My comment didn’t post. 🙁 Shame.

    I don’t want to type it out again. *sigh*

    Joel, Jake and you…twins. It’s the hair. It’s insane. And the face. Creepy I’m tellin ya. Creepy. 😆 And he went bald at 17. Although, I don’t think you look alike now. huh.

  4. Ok, I agree with Matt on the whole famous thing…
    Also, you look so much like your brother in this picture.
    And, again, the hair. Welcome to the late 80’s.

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