Aug 24th Set List and Confessional

Sunday Setlist blog Carnival for Aug 24th

Take my life (I am Yours) – trad/Michael Neale

Main Set
Be Glorified – Me
Here is our King – Crowder
Holy is the Lord – Giglio/Tomlin

True Love – Phil Wickham

Oh the Glory of it All – Crowder
See the Way – Misty Edwards
How Great is our God – Tomlin

I Will Boast – Baloche

Cool set this week. I had a blast with the worship. Playing Phil Wickham in a singable key was..dare I say it..RAD!

I love Oh the glory of it all and especially for communion. No clue why but I did see the way in way too love of a key, but it worked any way.

If you are seeing this. Yes I did 2 Tomlin songs. And yes that may just be too many in one set, but it really worked this week. 🙂

And ending with I will boast was fantastic. I love Baloche. He writes perfect stuff.

Overall everything went great, but ever since mancation my mind has been racing with tons of stuff. More on that soon.

8 thoughts on “Aug 24th Set List and Confessional

  1. I like that setlist a lot. “How Great is Our God” is a very good song.

    Does your church ever have silence for meditation during communion? We’ve done that a few times, and I really like it. (Of course, we have less than 30 communicants, so it doesn’t take very long 🙂 )

  2. thanks guys…

    oh and amy I think I might start using rad 🙂

    I really like working on the communion part of service…it is great to take fitting fast songs and make them really slow sometimes to fit as well

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