Yearbook myself: YIKES!

Well considering I dont have anything more to say on the Healer stuff it is time to get back to normal land.

A new site called Yearbookyourself has just surfaced. Crazy funny. Below is me through the years. Try it yourself.

14 thoughts on “Yearbook myself: YIKES!

  1. hahahahahaha – I’m always complaining to my wife about how giant my forehead is.

    I have to say my fav is the 80’s klampert.

    My daughter thinks the bottom left looks like Dwight Schrute.

  2. I just nearly feel out of my chair at my desk laughing at this.

    Thanks for lending humor to an otherwise crazy busy and stressful day at work!

  3. Jay: heck yeah man…that is so funny

    Billy: your post on this is INSANE

    Liz: welcome back 🙂 oh and stop using the more button on your blog drives me crazy

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