Sunday Setlist

Here is las sundays set list

I am Yours (Take my life) – michael neal/traditional

Be Glorified – By me
Bless His name – Sanchez
Everlasting God – Brown

O Praise HIm – Crowder
Healer –

Friend of God – Israel.

This was a great set. I also showed the testimony video for the healer song.

Thanks to drew for the chart to I am Yours



2 responses to “Sunday Setlist”

  1. Scott Keller Avatar

    My sis wrote me an email raving about the song “Healer”, and I think that song will be in my rotation soon.

    Our set this week (my wife and I are co-leading):

    * All Hail Jesus (VMUK)
    * And We Sing (Melisa & Scott Keller)
    * Mighty To Save (Hillsong)
    * Who Is Like Our God (Doerksen)
    * Allured (Tony Sanchez)

  2. erik Avatar

    hey joel. do you have any recordings and charts of your stuff available? i’d be interested in listening to it to see if it would be a fit for our worship service sets. =)

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