Sunday Setlist

Here is las sundays set list

I am Yours (Take my life) – michael neal/traditional

Be Glorified – By me
Bless His name – Sanchez
Everlasting God – Brown

O Praise HIm – Crowder
Healer –

Friend of God – Israel.

This was a great set. I also showed the testimony video for the healer song.

Thanks to drew for the chart to I am Yours


2 thoughts on “Sunday Setlist

  1. My sis wrote me an email raving about the song “Healer”, and I think that song will be in my rotation soon.

    Our set this week (my wife and I are co-leading):

    * All Hail Jesus (VMUK)
    * And We Sing (Melisa & Scott Keller)
    * Mighty To Save (Hillsong)
    * Who Is Like Our God (Doerksen)
    * Allured (Tony Sanchez)

  2. hey joel. do you have any recordings and charts of your stuff available? i’d be interested in listening to it to see if it would be a fit for our worship service sets. =)

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