The Watchmen: I’ve been waiting forever!

the watchmen
the watchmen

I want you to read this and get a good mental picture. The year is 1992. My friend Jon and I are both huge comic book fans and are trying to break into the industry as artists and writers. Somehow we met an industry pro who just become a “christian”. So we are sitting in this guys attic.

The two of us are sitting there trying to learn everything we can from this published comic book artist. The room is full of smoke and ash. Comics are strewn across the floor intermingled with trashy magazines. He has 4 shelves full of old comic book toys and figures covered in god knows what. There are things on the floor that resemble drug paraphernalia. The room is a total wreck and on closer instection so is our “mentor”.

We sat and listened to his crazy stories of comic book groupies and drugs and fame all the while wondering if this guy was really the guy we wanted to learn from. He told us he found God and was changing so we started working on a huge Christian comic book series. It was amazing and to this day I wish we ahd finished it.

He gave me one major piece of advice.

He said “dude before you do anything in comics…read this” as he handed me a well read copy of the watchmen.

I read tons of Spiderman and Batman, but what he handed me would change my comic world forever. I eventually did get in the comic book industry. Sadly it was short lived, but a blast. My story telling and art was forever changed because of that one sentence of advice from a stoned out, smoke smellin’, lust crazed man. ” Dude …… this”

I have since read it at least 25-30 times. I have been waiting since 1992 to hear that a movie was finally being made of this book. There have been rumors for years and years, but below is the trailor as proof that it will be here soon. Read this book if you haven’t already. You have some time before the movie.



2 responses to “The Watchmen: I’ve been waiting forever!”

  1. innovativeministryleader Avatar

    This does look good..can’t wait to see it…

  2. Ben Avatar

    Dude…we have more in common. 🙂 I’m a comic geek as well. My buddy here in Kansas has a brother who just started doing the color art for Batman and did the new Cap America stuff. I geeked out over it. Brian Reber is his name. Just signed a couple of comics for me…I know shameful.

    About time they did a Watchmen movie. Would love to see some of your work and hear what you did in the comics world. It was a dream of mine as a teen.


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