The Worship Community 2.0

About 2 years ago I had a vision of this amazing worship and arts community online. I couldn’t make it happen. Fred Mckinnon started the worship community forum and part of that vision took off. After many talks with him and a few other super freakin cool people I am pleased to announce a new version of TWC and fulfilment of the vision. The Worship Community 2.0. You have to check it out. You have to sign up. You have to get involved. You have to LOVE IT! Everything a person in arts, worship and media could need.

official announcement

The Worship Community

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3 thoughts on “The Worship Community 2.0

  1. Joel,

    Thanks for the announcement, and thanks for all your hard work, many volunteered hours, design (that awesome ad above) and your mutual friendship and encouragement. It means the world!


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