My boys Rock!

Music is in our family and my kids love to rock. How many other kids do you know at age two who are huge Steve Vai, Pettrucci, Keaggy, Robert Cray etc fans?

Below we have my 7 year old rockin on his new telecaster. His hands are finally big enough to learn how to play the guitar. He loves his guitar, but really wanted one with skulls and lighting bolts. WHAT HAVE I CREATED!

Then there is my 3 year old who drums on everything and can actually keep a beat. It is amazing that he has kinda figured it out with out any instruction. Enjoy the videos guys




12 thoughts on “My boys Rock!

  1. Well, congratulations! I have seen that kids are very receptive to music from young ages. The boy of one of my band mates loves to sing at 3.5 years and I was surprised to see how he actually sings a few Bon Jovi lyrics when English is not his native language…I guess he sings it by ear, after his father explained it to him

  2. Collin, Tristan, You guys are awesome! I LOVE to hear you two play!

    WOO HOO and you’re on VIDEO! How darn cool is that???

  3. Very nice, dude. I’m working with my 6 year old on guitar right now. He wants to learn his favorite song of the moment – Sunshine of Your Love.

  4. I showed my boys all the comments and they loved it…more so they couldnt believe they were on youtube right after watching mute math on youtube.

    Thanks guys…Ill get more video of them soon

  5. those boys have a fan club, my little man watched the videos and clapped. He plays “his” keyboard (my old 3 octave yamaha) with both hands, just like his dad.

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