This month marks 2 years of insane blogging on this site. Consistancy has had it’s ebb and flow, but overall I think I can consider myself one of “real” bloggers.

Thanks to all my readers, friends, and blogging friends. Blogging continues to be a blast and in important part of who I am.

Come by and say Hi.

  • Are you a reader and never say anything? SAY SOMETHING!.
  • are you not linked to me? WHY NOT!
  • Got any Questions for me? MAYBE I SHOULD POST ON THAT
  • Are you linked and reading and commenting? THEN SHOOT ME A “WOW…2 YEARS…YOU HAVE ISSUES”

16 thoughts on “BLOG ANNIVERSARY

  1. So is it your blog’s birthday or your anniversary of blogging? I can’t be quite sure 🙂 However, I too consider you to be a “real” blogger. If you were fake then that would mean trouble for all the rest of us!
    Hahaha. Kudos and congrats man!

  2. Show me a man who says he doesn’t have any issues and I’ll show you a liar.
    Anyway, congrats on two years.

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