This one wrecked me

June 12, 2008 — 11 Comments
This one wrecked me | Klampert

Everybody knows how much I love the song “how he loves” and it kills me everytime especially when I am the one singing it. Then I saw this video and It tore me up.


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11 responses to This one wrecked me

  1. Hi Joel,

    Me too! I was at may work when I watched this and i must say I wasn’t prepared at all at how emotional this was…

  2. This is an amazing video. After I watched it, I wondered why I hadn’t bought more stock in Kleenex.

  3. This song means a lot to me and it actually changed me in a way a month ago.
    Excellent video Joel.

  4. knowing all that God has saved me from including myself..this video made me cry. How great is our God, that HE would create all things in HIS power and then reach down so low to pick us up. I stand in awe of HIM. Thanks for posting this!

  5. Wow…I wasn’t quite ready to cry that hard today. I am so thankful for God’s love and how He is the only one who can transform lives!!!

  6. Crying my eyes out in my office…MAN, that was powerful!

  7. wow doesn’t describe the power and depth of that. wow.

  8. Joel, how’s the NMFAPIM challenge going?

    thank you thank you thank you for sharing this! Can you sing this song on sunday!?

  10. Sang this one this sunday…still as powerful as ever

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