WWJT: What would Jesus tweet?

I’ve seen this question posed everywhere. What if Jesus used twitter…what would he say.

I think it would go like this:

@church I’m coming soon

@church Stop making me look bad

@church be still and know I am God

@church Love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with me

@self Boy do I make great things

@twitter If I had created the site…it would actually work.

7 thoughts on “WWJT: What would Jesus tweet?

  1. Ok, here’s what I think he would tweet:

    (At Birth)
    Um … where’s the fast forward button … let’s move this to about age 13!

    (First time at the temple)
    Man … Joseph’s gonna be pissed … but hey, gotta do what I gotta do!

    (Just after writing in the sand)
    Umm … gotta think, where’s mom, can’t say the next line if she’s here!

    (After speaking to large crowds, and needed to retire)
    @self Reminder to inspire the creation of energy drinks!!!!!!!!

    (After being asked who will sit at his right hand)
    Man … I am so tempted to give these guys what they are asking for! They just don’t get it.

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