LOST Season 4 Finale – Kate’s Phonecall (SPOILER)

In the Lost Season 4 Finale, Kate receives a phone call in the middle of the night. The voice on the phone is speaking what sounds like another language.

It’s really English backwards… this is what it sounds like when played in reverse.


5 thoughts on “LOST Season 4 Finale – Kate’s Phonecall (SPOILER)

  1. Last night’s show rocked, didn’t it? I really believe that John is alive, and is, once again, being manipulated by Ben. You can check out my ideas on my own blog about last night’s show is you are interested.

    The Girl From The Ghetto

  2. Nice!!

    Don’t you hate it when people call you in the middle of the night and start talking backwards to you…Is it just me or has this happened to anyone else too?

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