NMFAPIMWLC: week 2 – withdrawals


Weight: 260 253-255
Height: 6ft
waist: 38 pants 41 with tape measure.

Why do I title week 2 withdrawals? simple. My wife found me in the corner on wed shivering and sweating with a baguette clutched within my ever shrinking arms. She told me later all i kept muttering was “my precious…my precious”

It seems I don’t drink much liquids at all. I forced myself this week to do it.

My diet was simple as well.

1. eat less…way less

2. stop with the bread…no really STOP

3. cottage cheese rules

4. oatmeal and eggwhite breakfast

5. lunch with tuna and his buddy chicken

6. and dinner was chicken, some pasta, steak etc.

I think overall I was pretty good. I got down to 252 on friday which was killer and then saturday came.
We decided to go to the zoo. Did you know they only sell crap to eat there? it’s true and I did not want to be a dork and come packin with a grilled chicken in carrots in a ziplock. So i had a burger and fries. What was I thinking! I coul’d have eaten a hotdog or pizza or…wait…everything was crap…ok so minor setback.

I think I bottomed ARSED out at 254-255 so this week I lost between 5-6 lbs. nothing to shake a stick at for sure. I’m stoked and we are not going to the zoo this week so I should lose at least 32 lbs. give or take 30lbs.

Ok so now starts week 3. Cya monday for another update and please check out the others who have jumped on this. Visit them encourage them and also anybody who is doing this use the logo and link to these people so we can keep track. If I am missing any somebody please let me know. and If you want in but are scared of the logo…let me know and join in anyway.

Good Luck Everyone!!!



14 responses to “NMFAPIMWLC: week 2 – withdrawals”

  1. snowjunkie Avatar

    I need to get in on this too… I’m heading back to the UK in July, and I’m not skinnier than I was before I left, people will think I’ve got fatter anyway. I probably have though. I don’t even own scales. I’m a mess…. SOB SOB…

    That’s man tears there – I’m not calling you a son of something or other…

  2. snowjunkie Avatar

    “…and IF I’m not skinnier…” is what I meant to say.

  3. klampert Avatar

    ha ha ha…awesome…jump in man…use the logo and the list of peeps in on it..cant wait to read what you are doing

  4. James Avatar

    Dude…good job! Really pleased for you. My loss was just about the same – 6.6 lbs down, weighing in at 194.2 lbs. Just posted my update.

  5. James Avatar

    PS – something’s up with your link to my site in your post. It seems that both ‘James’ and ‘Brent’ go to Brent’s site…

  6. Jen Avatar

    I joined your challenge on a different blog with Brent at InWorship. Thanks for starting the challenge! Here is what I posted there:

    Weight has been a LIFE-LONG issue for me..since I was in second grade. I wish
    it was as easy as snappin’ my fingers for it to come off! My husband and I
    are apart of a church team that will launch in October. We lead worship with
    a band of cool, young adults and I want to lose before OCT! I know…it’s not
    possible to be at a goal weight by then but how about a mini goal? I see most
    of you have not as much to lose. I’d still love the challenge if I’m aloud to
    play! ๐Ÿ™‚ Accountability is huge for me. I could use some!!! I want to do
    this for God..it’s sin. I want to do this for my kids…to be there. I want
    to do this for my husband…to look “hot” for him. I want to do this for
    me…to feel better and to be ALL God wants me to be.

    godzgaljen@gmail.com if anyone wants to be a buddy in this….

    The more accountability the better when it comes to me and dieting….I hope it’s okay if I check in on your blog and Brent’s.


  7. klampert Avatar

    Jen…awesome…welcome…And you are more than welcome to jump in on this. I am stoked to have you aboard.

    I dont know that you have to lose but I personally have 50-60 to lose…

  8. Jen Avatar

    I have alot more than that to lose but, my short term goal is 50 pounds for our launch date on October 5th. Thanks for adding me! Jen

  9. inWorship Avatar

    “My precious” Hahahahaha!!!

    Dude you did great! Keep it up!

    And James, that link issue is my little secret world domination plan ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Steve Avatar

    Jiggaman! I routing for you, lose that weight! I’m routing for you all.

  11. bransblahg Avatar

    You in the corner with bread sounds like me in the corner with chocolate truffles. Serious.

    Good job! And yes, they only serve crap at the zoo! I even noticed tonight in the grocery store they try to entice you with crap mixed in with the produce….like caramel for your apples, and “fruit dip” for your strawberries, and ranch paste for your veggies. GEEZE.

    Good luck this week!

  12. Joe Louthan Avatar

    1. Cottage cheese does rule.
    2. IRL friend of mine, Keegan and a worship pastor, Vicki, from Buckhead Church in Atlanta, keep tweeting about oatmeal. I think that will be a habit I am soon going to pick up.

  13. Janna Avatar

    I want to do this, but just be healthy and lose a couple lbs.. looks can be decieving I weigh more than I look. can I do this or no?

  14. tawny Avatar

    Thanks for visiting my blog Joel! This post was hilarious, I let my son read it. May God bless you as you shrink. ๐Ÿ™‚

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