NMFAPIMWLC week 1: the recap

So last week I started this killer idea for a weight loss challenge. Initially it was thought for people in ministry because we are looked at as examples and I know I for one am not a good example with my health.

Oh I know what your think..”what Joel? are you kidding with his dashing good looks and sumo greek physic…Why would he have a need to lose some weight.”

Weight: 260
Height: 6ft
waist: 38 pants 41 with tape measure.

Hmm….for all of you non math whiz people. That is a purebred fat arse.

So I lay the gauntlet down and tons respond. Not here…but elsewhere and I am stoked..

My first week went great. I was eating less and completely cut out bread. I drank cranberry water, crystal light, and water. All was good until mother’s day. BAH!

Thats right mother’s day. Filled with chocolate and starbucks gift cards. Doh!

I have the will power of a dead snail.

With that said I lost one pound, but I know I could have lost 3-5 if it had not been for mother’s day.

I am gonna try my hardest this week and if there is another high holiday of some sort I will be staying in a hotel to stay away from the treats.

The honest truth is sweets are not my issue. It’s bread. If I could I would have a baguette IV.

Ok so now starts week 2. Cya monday for another update and please check out the others who have jumped on this. Visit them encourage them and also anybody who is doing this use the logo and link to these people so we can keep track

Good Luck Everyone!!!






9 responses to “NMFAPIMWLC week 1: the recap”

  1. James Avatar

    My effort kicks off today for real. Good luck this week. We need a NMFAPIMWLC Facebook Group.

  2. klampert Avatar

    James…I saw your update and you are in my post…good luck and great idea for the facebook group…maybe I’ll work on that tonight. hmmm

  3. inWorship Avatar

    Here we go!

  4. tam Avatar

    my boys are ROCKIN’!!!!

  5. alece Avatar

    oh maaaaan. i, too, am a sucker for carbs. i love all things bready. ::sigh::

  6. amester Avatar

    Not sure I have ever laughed so hard as when I read the baguette IV line. Since my father has an IV feeding system, I am going to ask him what it would take to make that dream a reality for you.

  7. jaybrams Avatar

    i lost 2.2 last week… but i’m not an official member of the “we post boobies on our site and pass them off as fat-arses” group…

    just thought i’d share

  8. klampert Avatar

    @brent: yeah man!!!

    @Tam: it’s on like donkey kong

    @alece: join the fun…even if your only like 12 lbs…at least use the butt logo

    @amester: let me know if you come up with a sytem. lol

    Jay: boobies or butts…you should still not be ashamed my friend

  9. mandythompson Avatar

    i’m so confused.
    i still don’t know how i got on this list. i think its brent’s fault.

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