11 thoughts on “Facebook Song

  1. And I remember when you were like “ok I’m going to give facebook one more chance… I’m digging this right now… blah blah blah”.


  2. that was hilarious! Yes, I’m a fellow junkie, but a myspace junkie. Facebook isn’t pretty enough:) Gotta be able to change that layout every week! It’s like rearranging the furniture!

  3. First off…yes I do need therapy…but Im ok with that…

    Snow: dude bah…I would never. lol…

    Kelly: Yeah I am not much of a myspace guy…facebook is also amazing for using it for events and groups…
    I just cant take all the glitter and moving graphics on myspace. Truth is virb is the best…but its just not popular…no clue why

  4. Yeah, I haven’t used Virb, but MySpace is complete pants. I don’t know how anyone can use that.

    Facebook is nice if you keep it minimal. Forget all the useless add-on applications on there.

  5. Virb is amazing for musicians…you really should jump on and set up a page…they look great…check mine out…you will love it!

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