Victor Wooten makes me want to take up scrapbooking

This video makes me want to find a new hobby




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8 responses to “Victor Wooten makes me want to take up scrapbooking”

  1. mandoron Avatar

    Scary good!

  2. drewjpowell Avatar

    this guy is sick.

  3. Jim Henry Avatar

    time to make a coffee table out of my guitar and move on 🙂

  4. frdave Avatar

    He’s a freak of nature.

  5. Jeff M. Miller Avatar

    Now you know how I feel when I see guys like you play.

  6. inWorship Avatar

    He was in town a couple of months ago at a little club that only seats about 35. We actually got in and he is incredible!!

  7. liz Avatar

    I never thought I’d see the word scrapbooking on your blog…Amy would be proud.

  8. amester Avatar

    I am so proud and yet a little scared!

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