Cut the crap: focus on Him

I was talking to a friend’s wife the other day and God smacked me in the head. She was asking me how I am able to write music and then put it up on the net and not be unselfconscious about it. She is a worship leader as well and has hundreds of song that nobody has heard, but she said she wasn’t happy with herself in a few areas. Right away the book “in a pit with a lion on a snowy day” by Mark Batterson came into my head.

“don’t let what’s wrong with you keeping you from worshiping whats right in Him”

She of course responded with..”wow, deep”. I told her that sometimes I have that issue but more often than that I have another issue.

“don’t let what’s right with you keep you from worshiping whats right with Him”

Her response was “huh”. It’s interesting…I can do music/worship with my hands behind my back, youth group without even thinking, ministry without with people straight from my own strength. It isn’t pride, but I am very good on resting on my own ability and leaving the spirit out of the picture.
I will have a church service and play wrong chords and totally mess up and be ticked that worship was horrible. That will always be the week that 3 people come up to me to let me know how great worship was and how amazing God was. Then God says to me “see…it’s not you bucko” We all know that, but seems we are really good at forgetting that.

So she says to me..”Joel you are kicking my butt tonight”

God responds to me “consider your A** kicked as well!”

2 questions:

1. Ever leave God out of your ministry and see how amazing He is anyway?

2. Ever give somebody Godly advice and watch God kick your own butt with it?

16 thoughts on “Cut the crap: focus on Him

  1. My favorite(?): reading my own journal entries from years ago… and being convicted by them of my sloth.

    The Holy Spirit. Kicking butts all over the world.

  2. almost ALL THE TIME!
    I am grateful the God would choose to reveal Himself to me even when I’m navel-gazing or have my attention/focus elsewhere.

  3. Hey — Not at all a comment realted to this post…but I know you and the best way to get in touch with you is through commenting.

    I’ll be in town this weekend. You know where I’ll be staying…If y’all have som time let me know and we’ll get together. It’d be great to see you, Kelly and the kids!

  4. My wife seems to remember word for word what I said and need to hear. I do like it that she starts by saying “A wise man once told me…”


  5. Was that I rhetorical question…I often find that 95% of the advice I give kicks me in th a**. Great post.

  6. Yes… and yes.

    The advice part is especially humbling when you’re giving advice to a 15 year old, and realize you have never really conquered the issue at hand yourself. Argh.

  7. I was chatting to my dad about this issue recently. I always seem to want church to run smoothly when I know someone specific is going to be there for the first time. As if I have all the control over what God can do.

    Sure we need to give it our best. God deserves excellence on our part. But we can’t ever fall into the trap that it’s actually us that is doing the transforming.

  8. Absofloggin’lutly to both questions! When the worship set is ordinary, God always does something extraordinary. That’s what I call the Holy Spirit Filter.. He filters out everything that isn’t of Him and people walk away all blessed at what He did. Gotta love it.

    It’s amazing how God reveals the depths of my own heart and teaches me a thing or two when I’m sharing His words with somebody. “Ouch! that hurts,” is usually my response.

  9. good post, but i find it ironic that God says “ass” in your personal conversations but you aren’t willing to say it to us… hmmmmm 🙂

  10. ha…great comments you guys..I knew this would strike a chord

    JDOG(JAYBRAMS): God actually said “A star star” i thought it was odd too.

  11. 1. Ever leave God out of your ministry and see how amazing He is anyway?

    Every time I question whether something was good or bad…He proves that He was still in it by showing me that my opinion didn’t matter one bit.

    2. Ever give somebody Godly advice and watch God kick your own butt with it?

    All the time. It’s easy to say it…but a lot harder to practice what i preach.

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