Multi-Church worship Practice

Last night our multi-church worship team had practice. It was amazing! This is one really talented and tight band. We worked on 2 of my songs, Revelation Song (jobe), wholly yours (crowder), Mighty to save (Hillsong) and a few others…I hope to have some audio soon, but here are some pics of the band. The only picture that I am missing is the sax player who is brilliant.


4 responses to “Multi-Church worship Practice”

  1. atxm Avatar

    thanks for the welcome..

    cool pics! Did Shelly take those?

  2. klampert Avatar

    no problem…yeash shelly did take them

  3. Steve Avatar

    All you need now is a rapper 😉

  4. klampert Avatar

    steve…I am ready for that man…and cant wait…can you make it to the next practice…I think its gonna be the week after easter on saturday night.
    send me a song of yours you want to do

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