CD Reviews Coming soon

Thanks to Integrity Music and Some other guys I have a bunch of new CD’s that I will have reviews up for.

Some of them are:

Sojourn Music – Before the Throne (interview and Review)

Deluge (Live from Bethany Wolrd Prayer Center)

Worth Dying For – Self-titled

Ken Reynolds – Great things

Jared Anderson – Where Faith Comes From

Kathryn Scott – I Blelong

Michael Neale – No Greater Audience

Leeland – Opposite Way

Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten & Pocket full of sunshine

1 thought on “CD Reviews Coming soon

  1. I’m interested in your thoughts on Jonathan’s new stuff. It’s weird seeing him lumped into the rest of those titles.
    I’ll save you the trouble: Leeland WOOHOO!!

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