NY Missions Poster Design

Our Youth group is called Grounded & Settled. This name is the covering of the youth ministry in the North East for our denomination. Grounded & Settled is having a missions trip in a few months.

I got to design a killer poster for it. Click it to go to my flickr page for a bigger image. Like it?


9 responses to “NY Missions Poster Design”

  1. Jamie Avatar

    great poster – will you be going?

  2. klampert Avatar

    Jamie: thanks….Wish I could, but it is too close to the convocation and getting to family members off of work is kinda tough

  3. alece Avatar

    great job, joel. i like it a lot.

  4. erzsi1113 Avatar

    Very cool — Nice work!

  5. Bridget Avatar

    neat poster

  6. Jim Henry Avatar

    Nice job Joel. I love the angle of the shot vs. the angle of the text against the wall. Very sharp design!

  7. jordan fowler Avatar

    i like the design. one content question…are you primarily working with african americans on this trip?

  8. klampert Avatar

    Alece and Bridget and Liz…thanks

    Jim: thanks for coming by man…

    Jordan: I took your good friday service with the celtic colors…thanks man…its gonna be great..I switched a few things around…i love it.
    as far as the design…thanks man…I don’t know if it is primarily but quite a bit for sure.

  9. Gregory+ Avatar

    Awesome design Joel!!! It really has a lot of emotion in it.

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