Grounded & Settled Logo

Here is the logo I did for our youth group, Grounded & Settled. The Youth in our church in NY is using the name and logo as well as my crew in RI. I am really stoked about this one.


5 responses to “Grounded & Settled Logo”

  1. Bridget Avatar

    wow you’re amazing!

  2. Dana Avatar

    Fantastic Logo!
    Great work……

  3. tam Avatar

    Okay now! Joel, that is HOTT! Yah, Hot with 2 T’s! Love it!

  4. joannmski Avatar

    It’s very cool!!

  5. klampert Avatar

    thanks…and wow…a lot to live up to there

    Dana: you rock man

    Tam: ha…2 t’s

    Joann: been a while…how are ya?

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