The Ninja Warrior Most Extreme Youth Event

I have been hinting for a little while about something big I am doing with my youth group.  Announcing The Ninja Warrior Most Extreme Youth Event. So your thinking “What the Heck is that!”. Well on march 29th, for 3 hours, our youth groups. Grounded and Settled (sr high) and Spark! (jr high) are meeting at a local karate dojo that we rented. The event is inspired by American Gladiators and Ninja Warrior. It is a full scale competition. We will have pugel stick matches…those are the giant Q-tips. We will be doing obstacle courses, bo staff fighting, king of the mountain style matches, board breaking, Knife fighting, grappling matches, sword fighting and a ton more. There are 30 games planned.

This will be the ultimate Youth event of all time. We are sure to have some casualties, but I think it will be worth it.

4 thoughts on “The Ninja Warrior Most Extreme Youth Event

  1. Steve: dude lets get together again soon…and yeah its gonna are more than welcome to come. give me a ring if you want to come.

    Liz: grrrr…you are going to have fun…arg

  2. Dude you better record all the footage you can of that! It sounds amazing!

    @erzsi1113 as KILLER as this sounds, Passion Regional would be cool! But Cousin Louie? He’s affectionately Uncle Louie to us 🙂

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