Moving?: I need help (from everybody!)

I need everybodys help with this one. I started this blog CECWorship 1.5 years ago in conjunction with my other site as a resource site to worship leaders and even more so as a tool of networking within my denomination. I have a huge vision for worship in my denomination (similar to vineyard music) and really portraying the idea of blended worship. I plan on moving forward as always with that, but seperate from my blog.

The issue I am dealing with is that CECWorship as a banner doesnt quite work for my personal blog if I am going to move forward with the vision God has given me.

I want to start another blog. A personal blog and bring over all the content from this one to it. The only thing different would be the web address.

This causes a few problems with trying to get everybody to move with me.

RSS feeds, resource sites that mist me, networking sites, google stragglers, I lose my hit counter (restarted)

This decision has not been made yet. I want your opinions and suggestions. I get quite a bit of traffic and while I am not hung up on numbers they have given me great resources. I have been able to get affiliations, sponsors, great blog friendships and awesome networking. I want to make sure that I don’t lose all of this changing the url.



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  1. Billy Chia Avatar

    hmmm… I wouldn’t change your URL – all of the inbond links to any specific page will become linkrot on other people’s sites. Unless you do a lot of fancy redirecting. (Not sure if that can be done on if you are moving to self-hosted you might be able to pull it off.)

    I’d leave this site up as is and just start the new blog. Even if you never posted again to this site it’d still be there as an archive.

    I’ll link to your new site when you get it up and going πŸ™‚

  2. inWorship Avatar

    Dude, I will follow wherever you head.

    You will take a hit at least for a time, but this is doable. My suggestion would be to do everything possible to get the word out and publicize it here big time. Maybe even strip this one down enough that when people come here, all they see is the new address. Track down the linkers and get them all moving on changing your address. Don’t take this one down, but instead use it as a “go over here now” site.

  3. inWorship Avatar

    Billy did bring up a thought. WordPress does allow you to redirect people to another address via the WordPress address, so that might work.

    When people click on a link to or type in the address it would be directed to the new address. Which I am assuming is your own domain?

  4. klampert Avatar

    thanks guys…yeah addendum to what I wrote…I will transfer all content from this blog over to the new one…the new one will be a hosted blog with way more hardcoreness to it.
    I had the same idea to use this site as an archive and to put my last post and maybe a big picture saying site is moved…
    It is going to take some work for sure hounding the people who have me linked..

    and my 73,000 technorati rating will die. πŸ™

    brent if you are folling wherever i head then move to RI dude

  5. drewjpowell Avatar

    yeah dude, link it over. plus, we’ll all follow. If God’s given you vision you really have no choice but to follow it, right?

  6. klampert Avatar

    brent that is true…I will have to look at that a little more because I think i read that it will link to a domain but it wont link to a domain and blog that is not hosted with them. Ill get wordpress support on that on monday

  7. inWorship Avatar

    “brent if you are folling wherever i head then move to RI dude”

    You know how people say it would be an act of God for them to move…I find myself sometimes secretly praying for that act of God to happen πŸ™‚

  8. klampert Avatar

    Drew…you are def right on…I will follow…I am just trying to nail down the best way to do that. thanks man

  9. klampert Avatar

    Brent: God just told me he needs you in RI…I just got back from a mountain a few minutes ago..

    For that matter all my worship blog crew needs to move here…think of the church we would have!

    actually that might not work. lol

  10. inWorship Avatar

    Sorry dude, Tam just said God has not given her clear direction on RI, but she is definitely having spiritual leadings for Hawaii πŸ™‚

  11. klampert Avatar

    how odd…God just told me the same thing…Hawaii it is…thanks Tam for the confirmation

  12. tam Avatar

    Alrighty then! Let’s go get our Hula-Praise on!

  13. klampert Avatar

    ha…hula praise – hula rock –

    Meka lecka high mecka hiney ho…
    10 points if you know what thats from

    then after that…MORE HELP. lol

  14. tam Avatar


    that’s not very Christian of you


  15. klampert Avatar

    ha ha…very true.. lecka hiney ho is even worse. lol

    are you guys on separate laptops sitting on the couch?
    married people have better things to do.

    ok this has gone quite off topic huh. lol

  16. tam Avatar

    that is worse

    yes we are

    yes it has

  17. klampert Avatar

    ah…its all good…you guys crack me up…tam you need to call my wife and convince her to be like you with blogging.

    If you need a third laptop Im selling mine. πŸ™‚

  18. inWorship Avatar

    I will move to RI if you give me your laptop…or not πŸ™‚

    Back on topic though…

    Yes you should do the move. we got your back!

  19. tam Avatar

    Joel, I love blogging! Some of the funniest moments are when i stumble on one of Brents comments somewhere and it’s about me or info. on something I SHOULD know about and don’t…that’s just funny stuff there! I love all the people I’ve met too. Well, some I just like. What?! Your wife would love it! Bribe her! Buy her some shoes!

    Make the change Joel!

  20. JMM Avatar

    My 2Β’, keep what you’ve got going here, start up the new blog with the new vision, and cross-post for a while.

    Spend some time contacting everyone you can personally and get them to make the move over to your new digs. Once you feel like you’ve got some sort of critical mass, you can start weening off of this current blog and focus more completely on the new. Then, once you’ve got as many as you think you’re going to get moving on, you can (as said before) get wordpress to just forward any stragglers to the new place.

    This is pretty much what I did a few months ago, but you’ve also got a much larger audience than I have, so I understand the uneasiness.

    Whatever you do, I’ll follow.

    Like a sheep….

  21. snowjunkie Avatar

    Never mind this moving lark! What are you up to!?? πŸ™‚

    Just kidding. Kind of.

  22. joannmski Avatar

    I think you shouldn’t move this blog. Make it your own blog. Make the cec one at iccecworship or something. Then you don’t have to worry about the statcounter or links.

  23. Billy Chia Avatar

    AAARRRGGG – I’m mad dude. I moved my blog from a blogspot blog to wordpress. I did what you are suggesting where I moved all my old content and imported into my new blog.

    1st my google ranking suffered (because I had the same content posted different places on the web – which google does not like.)

    Then I deleted my old blog (so the content would be in ONE place MY blog) and a spammer picked up my old address!!!!

    check out to see what I mean. I hate spammers.

  24. klampert Avatar

    Joann: good thought, but I do have the CEC in the name and with things not all being about that I think it might be best being seperated from it in the blog.
    Sadly I cant just change the name of the blog.

    Billy: I am with ya man…there in lies the dilema

  25. czarthoughts Avatar

    Meka lecka high mecka hiney ho…
    10 points if you know what thats from

    then after that…MORE HELP. lol

    1st, you have to say the whole thing:

    meka lecka high mecka hiney ho
    meka lecka high mecka chiney ho
    meke lecka high mecka moola moola hey

    YES I remem ber Pee Wee’s Playhouse and I want my 10 points!

    Switch over, you’ll rebuild. Just ask the people who blog to “pimp” you out a little bit and just ask them to mention something on their blog to go check out your new blog. I’m sure the people you’ve connected with won’t have problem with that at all.

  26. Ben Avatar

    Hey, I’ll follow. Whatever you decide. Thanks for being out here!

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