I have many times thought of all kinds of bands I wished would get back together.

Mad at the World, Swirling Eddies, Yes, Monkees, tribe called quest, Cyprus Hill, Rage against the machine, Bush etc etc

I have to admit this is not one I had hoped for, but they are back.

New Kids on the Block

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13 responses to “NKOTB : OKOTB”

  1. Worshipcity Avatar

    “Baby do you know who’s back together again doing a reunion tour?!?!?! NEW KIDS ON THE BLOOOOCK!!! WE HAVE TO GOOOO!!!”

    That was my wife’s way of telling me NKOTB were back together again.

    …oh and she was serious. Seriously! She is serious!

  2. klampert Avatar

    I used to like your wife…

    I may have to rethink that. lol

  3. JMM Avatar

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    ‘scuse me….

  4. Lori Avatar

    *hand on forhead, shaking head.

    What have they done…what have they done!

    *walks away slowly, head down, still shaking.

  5. mandythompson Avatar

    say it ain’t so!!! say it ain’t so!!!

    i heard that a few of the NKOTBs live out here in new england where i am… haven’t spotted any yet, though!

  6. mandythompson Avatar

    ps: i just downloaded the 30-day-trial of MasterWriter…. i’m in loooove.

  7. superman1224 Avatar

    For the love of all that is Holy. My Sister is going to go nuts!

  8. Amy Avatar

    Hmmm…New Kids reunion tour? I will admit that I did see them in concert at the height of their career-but I was a young impressionable “tween” at the time. I can honestly say that I would not go again, ever, even if it was free and in my living room.

  9. worshipcity Avatar

    Dude that was one of the things Rae got ratted out on when we first started dating: she had VHS tapes, buttons, shirts, stickers, posters, pictures, of NKOTB. I think we actually found some buttons when we moved 🙂

    She has the pic with crazy teased hair clutching a NKOTB poster that makes me hurt I laugh so hard!

  10. Chris Martin Avatar

    check out this post, i’d be interested in hearing your opinion from your tradition.

  11. […] found out (via CECWorship blog) that NKOTB are putting together a […]

  12. Billy Chia Avatar

    Yeah I don’t know – this Hanging Tough video is pretty rockin…

  13. snowjunkie Avatar

    Cool. I hope they bring the cartoon series back.

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