Sovereign Grace SALE!: What should I buy?

Last week I announced a huge Sovereign Grace Music sale. All the CD’s are $5, $6 and even amazing deals on multi CD sets.

They have so much stuff I don’t know what to get

They have the new Christmas CD, but I don’t think I need or want that till next year.
Heres what I’m thinking so far…

Asleep in A Storm

Valley of Vision

Songs for the Cross Centered Life

West Coast Revival 

Anybody have any thoughts on this…?

Shannon @ for what its worth…?


One response to “Sovereign Grace SALE!: What should I buy?”

  1. saintlewis Avatar

    Well, for one, the West Coast Revival disc rocks, and the Valley of Vision is an absolutely wonderful collection of corporate worship song. I personally enjoy the compilation c.d., I Stand in Awe, and if you like the LIVE sound, Worship God live has some real highlights.

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