Tweet: why should I?

Ok guys I am tempted to jump on board with the twits (not to be offensive just for alliteration) who tweet on twitter. I’ve gotten emails and messages telling me I need to jump on.

one question: I am a stay at home dad who works from home and church, but doesn’t do the mobile thing because my cellphone was drowned in the ocean. Why should I twitter?

10 thoughts on “Tweet: why should I?

  1. Why ask why? Just know all the cool kids are doing it 🙂

    Although, if you don’t use gmail and don’t go mobile with your phone much then it wouldn’t be worth it. I still haven’t figured out the “why” but right now it’s new and easy and fun (for the moment.)

  2. OK. I’ve been in for a couple weeks now, and it’s actually good stuff.

    I feel like I’ve been missing some stuff by being stubborn about it. Sign up dude and hit me up!

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