Tweet: why should I?

Ok guys I am tempted to jump on board with the twits (not to be offensive just for alliteration) who tweet on twitter. I’ve gotten emails and messages telling me I need to jump on.

one question: I am a stay at home dad who works from home and church, but doesn’t do the mobile thing because my cellphone was drowned in the ocean. Why should I twitter?


10 responses to “Tweet: why should I?”

  1. mudpuppy Avatar

    I too am interested in the why…

  2. suzanne Avatar

    what in the world is tweeting on twitter??

  3. Tyler Avatar


  4. Jon Lloyd Avatar

    I don’t really have a good reason why you should. But you should. Look for me.

  5. worshipcity Avatar

    Why ask why? Just know all the cool kids are doing it 🙂

    Although, if you don’t use gmail and don’t go mobile with your phone much then it wouldn’t be worth it. I still haven’t figured out the “why” but right now it’s new and easy and fun (for the moment.)

  6. mandythompson Avatar

    i’ve got enough distractions in my life… i’m fighting Twitter because i don’t really need another right now.

  7. Chris Avatar

    You’re not missing anything. Don’t think I’ll keep it up much longer.

  8. klampert Avatar

    thanks guys…I think I may pass on tweeting, but I might be riding that fence for a little while

  9. mudpuppy Avatar

    OK. I’ve been in for a couple weeks now, and it’s actually good stuff.

    I feel like I’ve been missing some stuff by being stubborn about it. Sign up dude and hit me up!

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