Toilet Paper Dodge ball

So I recently became the HS youth Director at the church and I met with the Jr high youth director and we decided to do toilet paper dodge ball as a kick off to the 2 groups splitting.

The video is a little shakey, but man this was wicked fun. Hs vs Jr high. We had tables set up as barriers and we had a blast.

I hit one boy where it counts and went and apologized…he said “I wish you would have got that on video!” wow don’t you love youth.


9 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Dodge ball

  1. THAT IS GREAT!!!!
    brings me back to when i was in your youth group! I hope your group is better than we were as youth!

    and when did you start saying wicked??? what is it like 1983?

  2. Heh, wicked. I have a buddy from Mass who says that all the time. I think it’s a northeastern thing.

    So you’re the official HS guy now? What were you before? Only music?

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