Set List…I love Dayquill

So normally there would be a set list posted on here.

Much like my buddy Conner I seem to be sick…I am loving dayquill right now, but sound like adying frog when I sing.

I am praying God will fix that for the morning, but if he doesn’t I am going to have some quick thinking to do because I don’t have a replacement for morning worship.

Be prepared for a pretty interesting worship confessional.

I will be praying over my friendly fisherman throat drops for sure 🙂

6 thoughts on “Set List…I love Dayquill

  1. Had I read this sooner in the day, I would’ve jumped in my car and headed up there. Anytime you need a replacement singer, call me. I’ll sing down your church attendance like you wouldn’t believe!

  2. Ok, so I thought it went ok. You did not sound like a frog…either dying or alive and kicking — er–croaking.

  3. Hope you’re feeling better!

    Definitely missed seeing everyone yesterday morning…Sad sad sad.

    Be in touch…

  4. “I’ll sing down your church attendance like you wouldn’t believe it!”

    I LOVE IT! You know I imagine it’s good to have that every once in a while Joel, it makes people thankful they do have you, even a sick you 🙂

  5. ha ha ha…

    TOny: that is awesome…you are more than welcome

    Lori: thanks…God is good

    Liz…we missed you and we will def. be in touch…this whole internet thing is taking off.

    Conner…YOU ROCK…I was praying for you too.

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