New CECWorship videos

Seems like this may be a weekly thing…gonna have to make a cool header

as always subscribe to the CECWorship youtube channel

Then tell me what you think…comment give the videos some nice stars….thoughts?

Where Would I Be -Klampert/Hanlon


Communion Song –Joel Kampert


Undivided Heart (Ps 86) – Joel Klampert/King David



5 responses to “New CECWorship videos”

  1. Bridget Avatar

    You have a really nice voice!

  2. klampert Avatar

    wow…coming from a person with your caliber of voice that means a lot..

  3. snowjunkie Avatar

    A weekly slot would be cool Joel! Love listening to your new videos. Especially the original songs. Keep it up.

  4. loriandrich Avatar


  5. Russ Avatar

    Joel, sounds sweet man! Guitar sounds nice! looks pretty too!

    Come on over and vote in my sitcom theme song contest!

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