What the Wednesday: ULtimate Linkage

Well it seems I’ve been slammed as of late with …well… life. So I had a little catch up to do on what the wednesday. Enjoy..

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK IT ALL OUT…and let me know if your not mad at me for taking a week off..and if your stoked I’m back.

“don’t call it a comeback…i’ve been here for years” LL COOL J

  1. My music on Youtube…check them all out and then subscribe so you don’t miss any
  2. All About Worship Podcast store on ebay
  3. The all new Caffeinated Forum – and welcome back to his blog after almost quiting on us
  4. Mcdonalds…in Poland. WOW
  5. A local Youth Pastors blog…go check him out..great stuff
  6. Mark Batterson does opensource again with his new series
  7. Ultimate What the? Jaimie lynn Spears joins the preggo club. Sad stuff
  8. Kingdom Rain…Cool new worship blog
  9. Killer FREE youth ministry stuff
  10. Look at this photo and tell me there isn’t a God…I’ll tell you that your on crack!
  11. Free Mp3 and Chords from Chris Rice doing Great is thy Faithfulness
  12. An overclocked toaster from Geeksaresexy blog
  13. $1000 guitar pic…anybody want to donate one to me?

Added this one..forgot…


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