Top 5 Cd’s of the Week 11/20/07

Here we go again….if you are not the CD buying type…just tell me what your listening to.

1. Smashing Pumpkins -Zeitgest (coming back to this CD and I still really like it)


2. Extreme – 3 sides (classic rock opera killer ROCK! amazing CD)

3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion (I like the sound…trying to get into the CD…so far its pretty good)


4. Steve Fee -(cant get enough …great stuff)

5. Mute Math – (brilliant stuff…nuff said)

and you?






5 responses to “Top 5 Cd’s of the Week 11/20/07”

  1. tam Avatar

    Yikes! I think i commented last month that I was listening to Jon McLaughlin…I STILL am! I’m in a rut – a great rut though! Can’t get enough!

    Steve Fee – awesome!


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  3. groundedsettled Avatar

    if you like steve fee, check out christian stanfill @
    i know the bass player. they played with steve fee at the Catalyst conference. My favorite song is Jesus Paid It All. Both bands played the song at the same time at the conference…INTENSE!!

  4. klampert Avatar

    yeah kristian rocks…and finally he came out with a CD thingy. lol

  5. klampert Avatar

    oh and…nice work with the commenting and all…lol

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