Paternaty Leave = Catchup

It is amazing how much you end up having to do when you didn’t do it for a week. My design jobs stacked up…my church work stacked up…my stacks stacked up.

So the blog gets some delays in its normal broadcasting which I hate doing.

so lets talk about some books ive read recently.

They Like Jesus But Not The Church– Dan Kimball – 3 out of 5 stars
Great book and challenging. It is another book in the vein of following Jesus and his actions and not being like judgmental problematic Christians. Changing how the outsiders see us. Only issue with the book I had was that it was exactly like UnChristian just without all the Barna stats. My recommendation is to pick one of the two and read it.

Blue Like Jazz – Donald Miller – 2 out of 5 stars
Ok I know I’m gonna be crucified for this one, but I just wasn’t really into it. Good book, but for me it’s really a book for people who are searching, confused or have walked away from the Christian faith. It was almost blog like, but not a very enjoyable literary read.

90 Minutes in Heaven – Don Piper – 4 out of 5 stars
This was a simple book and quite short, but it was a great one. It is just a great story of hope. Don wen through death, heaven and then hell on earth. It is amazing to read about his journey and his walk with Christ and how that all shaped him to be an amazing witness of God’s mercy and grace.

13 thoughts on “Paternaty Leave = Catchup

  1. Welcome back to the Blog world. I have a close friend who had a new addition to his family last night! Can’t wait til I go down that road.

    Congrats again.

  2. I was gonna crucify you, but I see your point.

    I felt the same way about “The Purpose Driven Life.” Great book for searching people or new Christians. Not as much there for those have a walked many steps in faith.

  3. I am going to have to disagree with you on 90 Minutes in Heaven. I felt like it was one of those books that would have made a good magazine article or feature piece in a newspaper but there just wasn’t enough to it to even make it a short book. The message of hope was great, and I can’t imagine going through that sort of ordeal but it just wasn’t book material for me.

    So should I read UnChristian or should I read They Like Jesus But Not the Church? The theme sounds very interesting and worth a read…

  4. Russ: get on it dude
    Billy: thanks for not killing me
    Liz: yeah I agree with you but even so…the story was compelling. It’s just a great testament that God really works all things for the good..
    and my personal opinion is read UnChristian

  5. I’ve had Pipers book sitting on my night stand for months now…I guess I better get to it.

    I did read Alcorns “Heaven”…very good book too!

  6. OH THANK YOU! I’ve been saying the same thing about Blue Like Jazz forever… I was beginning to think i was alone…

    in fact my exact words to the guy that recommended the book to me were “It’s a glorified blog in book format. If i wanted to read a blog, i’d do it on the internet”

    I’m glad i’m not alone.

  7. Oh wow, I don’t want to crucify you but I did shed a little tear. You must be hating all my Don Miller pimpage as of late 🙂

    Sorry, I’m so late on this one. I’m doing some MAJOR catsup as well!

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