CECWorship Baby!-Confessional 10/28/07

So it’s Sunday morning and I am stoked about the service..I mean I can’t wait because I think the songs are dead on with what God wants.
Not only that but Im doing I will lift my eyes for offering. What a killer song.

I get woken from my 6 year old Tristan…”Get up daddy”…ok fine…I come out and my wife is sitting on the couch. She says “Joel, I didn’t sleep at all call the hospital and see if we need to go in because I’m getting more frequent contractions.”
Oh my…your kidding ok…AHHHHHH my dad is gonna have to play pastor and worship leader today Cus we are going to the hospital.

8:30 Am – noon.- no change and my wife is gonna kill the doctor because of it.
Noon they give her pitosin to move it along
2:30 it seems to get serious
2:50 is doctor says “you feel like pushing”….my wifes response is basically “Are you kidding of course”
3:17 Baby is born

What a worship service (if anything gives God the glory it’s a new baby) …. My wife is amazing…Our God is awesome and he has graced me with another boy and As Michael Neale says “you amaze me…I am overwhelmed by your great love and mercy”

my boys
Tristan James – 6.5
Collin Michael – 2.5
Gavin Mitchell – 8lbs 10 oz 8 hours old

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  1. Congratulations!! Father, I pray that you anoint Gavin and secure him in Your love so that he would in turn reveal your love to others in a mighty way… Let him reveal Your grace and mercy all the days of his life!

  2. He is one of the most beautiful looking newborns I’ve seen! He looks likes he’s grinning!

    Congratulations Klampert Family!!! Well done Mama! 😉

  3. Wow, man – three kids just seems insane. We’ve got two and it’s crazy. Congrats and good luck!

  4. Kudos buddy! What a way to start off a Sunday! HAHAHA. Your in my thoughts and prayers man. I hope you had a good nights sleep, I’m assuming you won’t be getting any for some time now 🙂
    Ours is due in April and I’m even more excited seeing/hearing your news.

  5. Congrats…way to go Kelly! Welcome baby Gavin!

    Joel the service went fine! It wasn’t the same without you, however I KNOW the Spirit was moving through our congregation and it was a joy to be a part of!

    Lori’s textfessional:

    We didn’t do your set list, so we can do that one another time. We had a surprise visitor (sorry, can’t remember his name but he’s a CEC priest from Canada) He blessed us with his wooden recorder (I think). Processional was Here I am to Worship, and then into worship with Blessed Be Your Name. Above All was next, and that really moved people. (it just does that, you know?) We ended with We Fall Down, which was really powerful. I could really feel the Spirit moving and touching everyone there.

    Fr. Dave did a great job switching hats…and he did Forever for the offering and then did the communion songs while Dkn. Mike distributed. We closed with I Could Sing of Your Love Forever.

    All in all it was a good set.

    Look forward to seeing you back on Sunday! The good news is the set list is done…so you don’t have to work on it!


    Are Y’ALL just the cutest little family of boys ever?!?

    Look forward to meeting Mr. Gavin!! Hope Kelly is feeling good ~ Thoughts and prayers with all FIVE of you.


  7. Congratulations Klamperts! Very awesome.

    Joel, I am amazed at you how you continually innovate on the WC concept. Man Baby Confessional! How are you gonna top that one?

  8. Hey guys… I know it’s a bit late but Congratulations anyway… I was AWAY behind on my reader with the move and everything! Every blessing to you and your family.

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