17 thoughts on “CECWorship Image-fessional

  1. Wow, that was really cool. Those images you chose were fantastic. What’s your source.

    Plus, there you go pushing the envelope again. First the stick-fessional, now the image-fessional. What’s next? Braille, Morse code, sign language, pig Latin? Makes me glad I brought the whole controversy up in the first place.

    By the way, would you mind switching your link to Consu[me] to my new location: http://www.consumingworship.org? Thanks for the link love.

  2. Jeff…thanks man… Being a designer…I buy all my photos typically…istockphoto.com

    and you took my Braille fessional idea…No koke I was trying to figure out how I could do that…
    Morse code would be awesome…thanks

    link fixed buddy

  3. wow, those are some powerful images that invoke tension and an uneasy feelings through color scheme and subject matter. Then the last one busts out of the mold. nice.

  4. Brent: anytime to use funky…ill take it buddy…

    Chia Pet: i bet youve heard it before…gald ya like and and beware big guy. lol

    Caffeinated in the house: gotta tell you I skip most fessionals…there are 4 I dont however…I figure its time to switch it up a little…make sure you check out last weeks stick-fessional.

    Mud: youd better buddy…CHIA is hot on your tail it seems

  5. Methinks you’ve raised the bar. Look at the response. You’d better start scheduling weekly time for image-fessionals.

    Just look out for digital-iconoclasts, they’ll get you every time.

    Thanks for the link fixer-upper.

  6. well the truth is I know for myself I dont watch all the fessionals…I am into maybe 4 or 5 of them…so my thought is it needs to be mixed up a little…

  7. Actually Joel good call. I think if are going to do a video you need to take the responsibly to make it to the point and keep the information coming. Perhaps even present it in an interesting or creative manner.

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