Music You SHould Be Listening to: Fleming and John


Fleming and John: 1994-present

Fleming and John is a musical husband and wife team, Fleming McWilliams and John Mark Painter, currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. They have 2 CD’s out and have finally announced on their Myspace that they are working on a new Cd. Considering the last one was in 1998 I cant wait. In the mean time they have worked with many top artists like ben folds doing recording producing and playing on others CD’s. John has also done some movie soundtracks.For a while they got almost famous. They even got on Conan O brian… Fleming has one of the best female voices in the industry and they sadly didnt get much credit. On their second CD John plays something like 60 instruments. They are amazing.I saw them live at Cornerstone festival in IL i think in 1993. What an amazing show. Here voice is captivating. It is operatic yet rocky. they have straight rock feel and very experimental on top.



CD’s they are on or have worked on

Ben Folds Songs for Silverman, Super D, Speed Graphic, Sunny 16, Rockin’ The Suburbs, Reinhold Messner, Whatever and Ever AmenTrail of Dead: Worlds Apart, Source Tags and Codes, Relative WaysSpoon:William Shatner: Has BeenLynne Me Your Ears: Jeff Lynne TributeI Predict a Clone: Steve Taylor TributeVietnam, a Musical RetrospectiveJohn Mayer: Room for SquaresTrain: Drops of JupiterJars of Clay: The 11th HourSixpence None the Richer: Sixpence None the RicherLee Ann Womack: Something Worth Leaving BehindDC Talk: Jesus Freak, Free at LastGRITS: The Art of TranslationIndigo Girls: SwampopheliaNanci Griffith: The Flyer


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  1. love1wins Avatar

    Wow, I remember when Delusions of Grandeur came out, I will certainly be looking forward to their new release.

  2. Johnnie Avatar

    OMG! I love Fleming and John! I want to be just like Fleming. I can sing kinda like her but I’m nowhere near as good. I listen to them all the dime and always will. They have a great sound and I have my friends listen if I can.



    I am french and I am loocking for the music of hoodwinker from john Mark Painter.

    Please tell me if you can do something?
    Thanks for all
    Best regards

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