Music You Should Be Listening to: IONA

IONA: 1988-present

Iona is a celtic band straight of of Ireland. They didn’t really have much notoriety untilThe time when Celtic music started becoming mainstream thanks to things like Braveheart and Enya. What sets Iona apart from the likes of Enya, The Coors, Clanaad? This band is a Christian band. They have amazing lyrics and love the Lord.They have the traditional Celtic style music with the pipes and hand drums, but they add a new flair to it. Progressive Rock. Think the technicality of Dream Theater then mix in the vocals of a more powerful Enya and throw in a some Out of the Grey. I Got to see this band only once and it stands out as one of the top 5 shows I have ever been to. Go listen and then buy everything. This band is brilliant. The Vocals are amazing. The guitar work is virtuoso with a mix of the edge and satriani. Tehn add in all of the Irish stuff and it blows your mind.



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10 thoughts on “Music You Should Be Listening to: IONA

  1. Yes!!! Iona is awesome… I play Irish music, sometimes (flute). 🙂 & of course, whistle with contemporary stuff is fun. 😀

  2. I like Iona. I play their music at home sometimes while working. My wife doesn’t like it though – she’s not from Ireland like me.

    I think I will have to invest in a few more of their albums when I move out to the US.

  3. You forgot the mesmerizing dancing of Michael Flatly in the 90’s. I remember everyone I knew at the time was watching Riverdance videos trying to jump in their living rooms. Not a pretty site.

  4. O my O my…
    “The Book of Kells” is pure brilliance from beginning to end. WHO, other than Iona, ever thought of blending Prog Rock + Jazz (the Canterbary Sound?) with Celtic music, AND thought that it might WORK?! Saw them live on…I think it was their “Open Sky” tour…very beautiful. They indeed deserve far more credit than they get!

  5. Ben: oh my…i loved riverdance but that guy had to go…I think subconsciously thats why I left him out. lol. Let me know what you think. I think you will love them.

    Shannon: I saw them on the journey to the morn tour…and yeah book of kells is one of those perfect CD’s

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