Music You Should Be Listening to: THE CHOIR

Welcome to the first ever “music you should be listening to post”. This one is a doozy.

THE CHOIR: 1985-present

If you haven’t heard of them you may be aware of some of the projects they have worked on. Drummer and lead singer were both involved and creators of City on a Hill projects. They are also in the Lost dogs.

The choir is one of the greatest and long standing Christian bands of all time. They were huge back in the 80’s and they even to this day keep reinventing themselves. They are one of the most influential unsung heroes in christian rock. They have a U2 kinda feel and came out around the same time. Airy guitars with killer delay, amazing bass lines, a drummer that tells a story with his instrument, and a guy who plays a midi control woodwind. I have seen them in concert about 5 times and I consider them 1 of the top 2 bands of all time.
If you haven’t checked them out there are many CD’s to choose from and they are all amazing.

Here they are at cornerstone in 97..I saw them in 93 at cornerstone. Enjoy…Have you heard them?

Studio Albums

Live Albums


8 thoughts on “Music You Should Be Listening to: THE CHOIR

  1. yeah man…woo hoo…great to see the faithful fans…
    Circle slide and wide eyed wonder were brilliant

    i saw the circle slide tour
    kissers and killers tour
    speckled bird tour and free flying soul tour…

    still amazing stuff

  2. I’ve liked them for years but I don’t know if they were ever big. Circle Slide used to be my favorite until the newest project. Wasn’t Derri also in Adam Again & DA. A couple of the guys wrote God of Wonders.

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