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So I am reading stuff on the net and I come to find out about what is called Google Co-op and a custom search engine. Turns out you can create your own search engine and have google only search what you want to search. cool huh?  I think so and I jumped on that one quick.

Introducing Google meets CECWorship:
THE CECWorship  all things worship and ministry search engine

take it for a spin. so far there are 112 sites that I am using and I have a ton more to add…it just takes time.

Bookmark this one because I think it will be a great help at weeding out junk we don’t need when trying to do our ministry.

Do you like it? got anything I should add to it?


7 responses to “Amazing worship and ministry search engine”

  1. aawp Avatar

    very cool! I’m gonna have to play around and see about creating one myself.


  2. mudpuppy Avatar

    This sounds awesome! Great find!

  3. Fred McKinnon Avatar

    cool – but other than the branding, what makes it different than just searching Google? I couldn’t tell the difference in the search results …

  4. klampert Avatar

    ah….great question… fred

    simple as this…some results will be typical..others well.
    I found myself searching on google with varied results sometimes I would search for hard to find sheet music and come up with some random teenie boppers myspace oglling over jeremy camp. etc etc.

    I wanted a way to weed out all the random sites that I am not interested in searching and avoiding rabbit trails that take me nowhere.

    By adding into this only the sites that I want I can get a more streamlined search.

    When I add more it will even be better.

    so does typing in worship get same results…yes…
    but typing in other stuff def. wont

    a great example is compare the results of searching – in ear monitors

  5. Billy Chia Avatar

    GREAT idea bro.

    I use google toolbar. It has the option to “just search this site” which allows you to use the power of Google and tends to work better than the built in search engine. But man, adding all your own sites and being able to search across them is cool.

  6. klampert Avatar

    yeah…well I hope you guys get some use out of it. I am so far and now it is up to 138 sites being used

  7. sajjad.anjum Avatar

    i wish you good day 4 every day to you for this wonderfull effort

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