What books am I reading

I got a really cool link from my buddy at cries of the heart. Its called Goodreads and it catalogs what you are reading and you can rate them etc etc. It is a very user friendly one.

Now I know I do reviews on here and will continue, but I read alot more then just church books and thought I would share some of the stuff thats on my shelf. It is a small taste, but I will add more if anybody is interested. There is fantasy, art, comics, design, worship, theology.

check it out…read any of them? let me know.

my ‘read’ shelf:

13 thoughts on “What books am I reading

  1. Never did answer your question here…

    Currently reading two books:

    1. Everything Must Change – Brian McLaren
    2. 40 Days and 40 Nights – Matthew Chapman

    But I’ve got a nice little library of read and unread books <a href=”http://www.rthawkins.com/library.htmlhere.

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