Spiritual Sounds

Here is something really cool. Introducing Alpha Omega Guitar Effects

We are a Christ centered Christian company that specializes in Hand Built Vintage Voiced Boutique guitar effects. We offer Boutique Guitar effects pedals for those seeking awesome heavenly tone. All pedals are vintage circuit with modern touches. All are true bypass, have on/off indicator LED and are vintage voiced to sound as close to highly sought after vintage original pedals costing 3 times as much. In most pedals we use the original vintage circuit but with the finest quality components available. Get that Heavenly Tone you have been praying for.

I find some of them a little pricey considering the other stuff out there, but these seem like really cool pedals and there a bunch of them. Vintage sound, Retro looks, and well….Christian.

Looks like we found a new kind of blended worship. What do you guys think?

ht: Guitar Noize

32 thoughts on “Spiritual Sounds

  1. yeah actually I figured they were, but you never know because people do build pedals…with that said this is a real cool idea…
    Ive been playing with the idea of building and making my own as well

  2. oh man…ha ha ha ha. mandy…they just might, but I do think it would require maybe a hymn pedal for sure.

    volume would be by date not 1-10 but like 1200-1500

  3. Hi and thank you for the publish about our pedals.
    Actually worshipguitarist is only partly correct. We do use BYOC circuit boards in our pedals however we don’t buy complete kits from them. All our components are of the highest quality and hand picked for the best possible tone. We socket all IC chips, clipping diodes and germanium transistors for easy customer upgrades and modifications. All our pedals feature some form of modification that we feel enhances the pedal either in function or for better tone. Each case is hand finished right down to hand polishing the final clear coat. We might be more expensive than a stock ???? (fill in the blank) pedal but we are below or near many boutique builders’ prices. A lot of time, effort and care go into each pedal. We don’t want to turn out a poor product just to make a buck. As a Christian company we are using our pedal graphics as just one more avenue to spread something about what we believe.
    If anyone has suggestions for other graphic ideas we are always open to new ideas. We will even custom make graphics and have several purchased from us with biblical versus on them. Our mission statement for the company is to “Glorify God through quality craftsmanship, honesty and integrity”.
    God Bless,
    In Christ,
    Dana @ Alpha Omega Guitar Effects

  4. I hope you don’t mind me jumping in on your comments. It looks like you all are pretty tight. I too am a worship guitarist. I play Acoustic, electric and bass (I rotate) for the praise and worship band at Hillside Community Church in Keller, TX. I also play for a Celebrate Recovery group on Friday nights. I just love serving the Lord through music and worship. I have also been a live sound engineer for 25+ years. No more shameless plugs for my company though. I will just let the pedals speak for themselves.
    Thanks Again,

  5. CEC Three Streams Effects Pedal

    Sacramental Switch… The pedal eliminates thirds in all chords since they are too holy to be played

    Evangelical Switch… The pedal removes any distortion and heretical tones

    Pentecostal… Whatever you play, the pedal takes over and inserts other notes

  6. Dana…Welcome aboard…your comments are great…I hope you stick around for more areas as well.

    I love what you are doing and I hope one day I’ll get one of those in my hands

    ha ha…cec pedal. lol

  7. Klampert,
    Send me your graphics and I’ll do a mock up for you. I can use .JPEG’s if they are large but prefer .PDF files.

    It looks like you have some nice gear. I prefer tube amps myself, but I also have a PodXT live. I just find as a live sound engineer I just can’t get it to cut through the mix near as well as a nice amp mic’d up. The sound clip on my blog is two collage students at University of North Texas. Both great musicians and yes they are stuck in the 60’s/70’s sound. Both are great young Christian men.

    I really enjoy your site and have already up a link on my blog to you. I will be here very often.
    God Bless, You are doing a great service for the kingdom.

  8. Sorry, my fingers get going to fast ……
    I really enjoy your site and have already linked you to my blog (if the previous post didn’t make any sense.

  9. Oh, one more thing. My blog is not just about my pedals. I will also feature new Christian talent. I work around many new Christian song writers and musicians so I will be helping to promote their work.
    Thanks Again,
    In Christ,

  10. fantastic…check out calvary chapel jupiter…search for it here on the blog…great stuff..
    I hope to be recording soon as well. you can go to my VIRB account on the right side to hear some of the originals we are doing in my church.

    we you say mockup do you mean digitally?

  11. Joel,
    All my templates are 2.6 x 4.75 in. Just send me a layered PDF file of graphics you think you would like and I can seperate the graphics and resize them as needed. Will be a fun project. I enjoy the graphics work almost more than the building. Just think of the theme for the pedal and what type of pedal you would want. i.e. distortion, fuzz, chorus, phaser ect.

  12. The way I do my graphics works best on light colored backgrounds. i.e. my antique beige. Just think of your background as you would a white piece of paper, but anyting white will be the color the pedal is painted.

  13. Joel,
    Just listened to your music. Great stuff. How did you do your recording? Anyway, you sound very acoutic driven. I would recommend an “Angel Song” chorus or a “Scripture” phaser they both work extremley well with acoutic guitars. Add lots of depth and warmth without taking away from your original tone. Love your Breedlove. Always wanted one but I settled for a Taylor 814ce.

  14. Man, I think what these guys are doing is pretty hip. And in regards to pricing…if you think these sound a little “pricey” go check out Lovetone, Zvex or Moogerfooger and tell me if you think $500 – $600 for a pedal is too much. Heck, go check out the vintage market for an original of any one of these remakes these guys are doing and expect to spend anywhere between $500 and $1,000 (go check out original Fuzz Faces, Boss CE-1’s, etc.) Also, Boss just came out with some new pedals that cost upwards of $120 that are nowhere near the boutique range or pedals and do nothing special what-so-ever, and uses junky parts. I think these guys deserve a little respect for what they’re trying to do with their ministry and what they offer.

  15. Chuck:
    I totally agree…it’s good gear…a little pricey for me for sure.
    and they are def. getting my respect which is why I am plugging them here.
    thanks for stopping by

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