Blended Worship Conference?

There is a little buzz in the CECWorship camp and I wanted to pose this question to everybody who reads this. In the CEC (my denomination) we are working on a worship conference for next year. One idea is to make it similar to Integrity with the way the sponsor seminars4worship. This would make the conference not just for one denomination but open to all.
It would be a blended worship conference. Seminars would include: guitar, bass, vocals, keys, drums, misc instruments, digital techniques, Innovative slide/presentation design, Web/blog presence, blending hymns with modern, hymns, communion, liturgy, prayers, creeds, and spoken word, choirs, how to have worship without a band, worship flow, sensitivity to the spirit, song writing, and much much more.

Ok so the questions of the day.

Would you go to a Blended Worship Conference in the Northeast in 2008 sposored by the CEC and CECWorship?

What would you like to see at a conference like that?

How does the Fall of 2008 sound?

13 thoughts on “Blended Worship Conference?

  1. Hi, I’d like to send some of our up and coming musicians – but we will have a hard time, being on the west coast and having to make the trip to Orlando for the international convocation, and then also to the northeast. Would you consider tying it in with Orlando?

  2. Joann…good question. I am pretty sure that the orlando con will be a very busy event with no room for an added 2 day conference. That has been a thought though.
    We were thinking maybe in Oct 2008 would that still not be doable? This is not set in stone and maybe it is best considering to maybe do it Jan 2009, but thats why I am getting feedback.
    Is there anything in specific you would be interested in seeing at such a conference?

  3. Answers of the day, to questions of the day:

    1) Yes.

    2) Needs of small congregations. Suggestions for theologically rich modern songs. Challenging worship teams to move beyond campfire songs. The pastoral aspects of worship.

    3) As long as it’s not around the weekend of September 30, sounds great.

  4. You know I’m there. Might be nice to include a discussion on the importance of the ‘team’ aspect of a worship team.

  5. 1. Would LOVE to!

    2. You covered a ton already but wracking my brain I was thinking: Round table discussion with maybe just a “Here’s what’s happening here” ideas and suggestions. I’ve always wanted that. I know what WillowCreek and Northpoint are doing but what about churches MY size led by some pastors you know and trust with a Q&A session?
    Love the songwriting idea “theology for rich modern songs!”
    Maybe a session for newbie worship leaders, if your going for that. A Worship Leader’s Tool Bag kind of thing.
    Oh and definitely a meet and greet with Joel Klampert!

    3. Like leaves falling gently to the ground in most places as birds fly here for the winter 🙂

  6. Not that conferences aren’t valuable but, for me, conferences have lost their value 🙂

    I’ve done the Willow Arts thing, I’ve done the conference thing up here in Canada and I’m convinced that the best learning takes place in the context of relationship.

    So – instead of hitting 3-4 conferences a year I will only be doing 1-2 conferences and then taking an extra 2-3 days after the conference is over to go back and visit with another worship pastor who was at the same conference. Spend time together, do a Sunday morning with them, take a full day and just talk through ministry issues.

    BUT –

    For people who are looking for conferences and would find value in them, I think this is a great idea and something that is missing from the conference landscape.

  7. oooohhhh….. yes…….
    ESPECIALLY if its in the North EAST!
    and what about some stuff that addresses the integration of Creedal Recitations, Responsive Readings, etc??

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