Top 5 CD’s of the week (August 30th)

I’ve been lacking in my customary weekly post I know…thanks conner

So back to it then and maybe some new stuff for our reading pleasure

5. Hillsong United united we stand- brooke fraser…I just can’t get enough of her voice

4. Calvary Chapel Jupiters new CD- killer stuff here.

3. Dream Theater – Live at Budokan – Brilliant best of CD…these guys are the best prog rock out there..genius

2. Sara Groves – Add to the Beauty…this CD is again one of the best CD’s I have heard in years and I can’t not listen to her.

1. Michael Neale – No Greater Audience . This is my #1 slot this week because I bought it almost 4 weeks ago and cannot stop listening to it. The spirit of this worship CD is so amazing…Everytime I listen to it am am just overwhelmed …I have been talking about it in other posts…this is a worship CD that I consider to be one of the top 10 worship CD’s in the last 10 years….BUY IT NOW

ok so what are your top 5 CD’s this week?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 CD’s of the week (August 30th)

  1. I can only name 3 right now, and even that takes some effort. So my top spins are:

    1. Michael Neal, No Greater Audience. Amazing. I haven’t taken this out of my car CD player since I got it except to load it on my laptop!

    2. Hillsong United, All of the Above. I had a hard time getting into this one, but the more I listen, the more I like it. I guess it rates #2 simply because I keep going back to it.

    3. Scott Brenner, Draw Near to Me. This is my personal worship/prayer time CD right now, and it really draws me in; it’s very intimate.

  2. WOOHOO! Thanks man!

    5. Crowder – set on Random prepping for the new release!!!

    4. Paramore – Riot!

    3. United – All of the Above

    2. Collective Soul – Afterwords

    1. Robbie Seay Band – Give Yourself Away listen through it and repeat ad nauseum!!! It’s that good!!

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