Top 25 songs Aug 2007

Well here is the top top list from . They are the copyright managers for many publishers sheet music for worship.

Churches who download range from 10,00 member innovative church to a 10 member dark ages church.

What do you think of the list? surprised? are you doing any of these? have any of these been forever taken out of rotation?

answer those here…on top of that whats your top 10 must have worship songs? DONT ANSWER THAT NOW>>>THINK ABOUT IT AND LOOK FOR ANOTHER POST POSING THAT QUESTION.

Rank Song Title Author/s CCLI #
1 How Great Is Our God Tomlin, Chris \ Reeves, Jesse \ Cash, Ed 4348399
2 Here I Am To Worship Hughes, Tim 3266032
3 Blessed Be Your Name Redman, Beth \ Redman, Matt 3798438
4 Open The Eyes Of My Heart Baloche, Paul 2298355
5 Forever Tomlin, Chris 3148428
6 Come Now Is The Time To Worship Doerksen, Brian 2430948
7 Holy Is The Lord Tomlin, Chris \ Giglio, Louie 4158039
8 You Are My King Foote, Billy 2456623
9 Shout To The Lord Zschech, Darlene 1406918
10 Lord I Lift Your Name On High Founds, Rick 117947
11 God Of Wonders Byrd, Marc \ Hindalong, Steve 3118757
12 We Fall Down Tomlin, Chris 2437367
13 You Are My All In All Jernigan, Dennis 825356
14 You’re Worthy Of My Praise Ruis, David 487976
15 The Heart Of Worship Redman, Matt 2296522
16 Breathe Barnett, Marie 1874117
17 Trading My Sorrows Evans, Darrell 2574653
18 Beautiful One Hughes, Tim 3915912
19 Friend Of God Gungor, Michael \ Houghton, Israel 3991651
20 Better Is One Day Redman, Matt 1097451
21 Draw Me Close Carpenter, Kelly 1459484
22 Indescribable Story, Laura 4403076
23 Days Of Elijah Mark, Robin 1537904
24 Give Thanks Smith, Henry 20285
25 Lord Reign In Me Brown, Brenton 2490706


13 responses to “Top 25 songs Aug 2007”

  1. grant... Avatar

    i haven’t played all of these…but 12 of them are out of the rotation here…(not that there is anything wrong with the songs…just not playing them anymore)

    “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” #10!!!
    (that’s amazing)

  2. klampert Avatar

    isnt it…thats out of my rotation.
    out of mine is #’s
    9, 10 , 13, 14, 17, 21, 23, 24, 25
    Im not doing those any more

  3. Shannon Lewis Avatar

    Wow. Those really seem, well, old. Surprised that it’s the current list, I guess. Of this list, 1, 3, 7, 15, & 18 have the most ‘staying power’ for me. The rest I don’t use too often.

  4. snowjunkie Avatar

    There’s no way the CCLI can keep track of the songs that every church uses. This relies on worship leaders submitting their song usage to CCLI which we have only done a couple of times, but not regularly by any means.

    I think this is why the list always seems behind the times a bit.

  5. mandythompson Avatar

    we just removed “holy is the Lord” from our rotation… not bc its old or overused, but bc our congregation doesn’t lift hands nor bow down, and we didn’t feel right about making them sing a song that they didn’t mean. it was totally disconnected from the reality of their worship expressions…..
    so…. we couldn’t lead that song with integrity.
    sorry chris & louie!
    i’m gonna write about this over at blendingworship real soon… i’m sure i’ll get an earful for it, too!

  6. bobby Avatar

    Open The Eyes?
    Shout To The Lord?
    Lord I lift?
    All in the top 10? Still?

    That makes me a little sad.

  7. klampert Avatar

    pretty crazy…
    as far as reporting most of us don’t do it…thats correct. this usage is not based out of reporting but actual downloads of sheet music. so it is a good representation of what people are printing.

    I thing 50% of it is outdated but lets remember 50% of our churches out there are probablly outdated as well.

    Mandy: this is where I go into relevance…you cant sing something that isnt relevant to your church. I think raising hands and bowing is a very biblical expression of our worship however if people arent doing it you cant say “we stand and lift up our hands..” doesnt make sense

    The reality of this top 25 is that most of the churches out there are not doing crowder, brewster, united, hughes.
    It is a very good indication of why Tomlin wnet platinum and crowder didnt even get close.

  8. glorygrl Avatar

    relevance: yeah–we are just introducing some of these songs.

    It really is about the demographic of your congregation, where they are coming out of and moving to.

    While I’m sure there are those who’d like something from the last few years, it would be met by alot of blank stares (and not just the first time) our set is so short you can’t lose the congregation every other week just to do something new.

    Then there’s skill level (players) and learning new styles before you can incorporate them.

    not everybody gets to be cutting/bleeding edge.

  9. klampert Avatar

    hmm interesting.

    I agree but I also disagree. I think you can even be lyrically cutting edge.

    When I got to st. michaels all they were doing was Robin mark and 1980’s vineyard. some of that just isnt relevant to where the church as a whole is headed and most not relevant to where the vision of our church was taking us.

    I introduced some modern and some old taking careful consideration for things that applied to our people. Along with that challenging the worship and style.

    I introduced a ton of songs and we are very much on the cusp of what is out right now. We have also not done many modern worship songs because they dont make sense in our church.
    currently our band has been stripped down and consists of 2 guitars. and on and off bass. lol. We are still able to do modern stuff along with old stuff. and also do liturgical without really sacrificing anything.

    I think if you move towards any direction there will be opposition but as long as what you are doing stays true to the vision of where you want to take your people and challenges them then God will honor it.

    It took a little while here…but worship here is better then it has ever been.

    When people put this idea of too modern or too ancient out of their heads and just focus on what we are really there for things change drastically.

  10. snowjunkie Avatar

    Downloads of sheet music… that’s just as bad. I’ve never downloaded sheet music from them.

    Our guys normally just work of chord sheets, and I’ll either download them off the Internet or work them out myself.

    But you’re right that a lot of churches are still using these songs and it has got to do with relevance which has been mentioned in the comments already.

    Mandy touched on a very good topic there about dropping a song because people didn’t feel like lifting hands, etc. It is exactly the same reason I don’t sing “Oh I feel like dancing…” when doing “I could sing of Your love forever”.

  11. Chris Avatar

    There are only FIVE songs on that list that we don’t do. The other twenty are either in our “once every five or six weeks” or “once every five or six months” rotations.

    Mandy – you may never see this comment so I’ll email it to you as well 🙂 .. .. buuutttt.. Don’t you think a song like that is a good opportunity to be instructive with your congregation about how physical postures can be representative of the state of our hearts? For example in leading that song you could express to the congregation that scripture talks about certain physical actions – clapping, dancing, lifting hands, bowing down – accompanying worship.

    Buuutttt.. maybe you’ve tried that 😉

  12. Darren Avatar

    Songs on the list that we use:
    2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 13, 17, 23

    I would like to take 17 out of rotation, but there are several (including one on the worship team) who really like it.

    Re: the “outdated” and “old” comments. Part of this is a confusion over definition. I remember having a conversation recently with another worship leader who said they were using some “old” songs, by which he meant pre-2000. When I say “old,” I’m generally referring to pre-1900.

    We are trying to get away from the Vineyard/Robin Mark types toward more theologically meaty songs. We’ll see how that goes.

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