Aug 26th 2007 Set List

Text-Confessional Coming on monday

I Know That My Redeemer Lives – C (Medly, Williams)

We Praise Your Name – C/D (Klampert’s)

Rushing Wind – G (Keith Green)
O Praise Him – G (Crowder)
You Amaze Me – G (Michael Neale)
end with bridge from O Praise Him

Open the Eyes – E (Paul Baloche)

Communion Song – F (Joel Klampert)
More of You – C#m (Klampert’s) ALTERNATE SONG

Holy – C (Brenton Brown)

Mystery of Faith
Mystery of Faith 1 – Dm (Joel Klampert)

Sweetly Broken – A (Jeremy Riddle)
Bless His Name – A ( Tony Sanchez)
Everlasting God – A (Brenton Brown) ALTERNATE SONG

Never Let Go – A (Matt Redman)

12 thoughts on “Aug 26th 2007 Set List

  1. So, Joel I want to here some of your music/ Is there somewhere I can go to do this?

    By the way, I love that you guys do a ton of music in your services…very cool.

  2. Set List for 8/26/07

    Opening Song:
    I’m Trading My Sorrows – Darrell Evans

    A Mighty Fortress – Martin Luther

    Spirit Song – John Wimber

    Your Praise Will Never Cease – Steve Cook
    Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad – Gerrit Hansen
    A Shield About Me – Charles Williams

    Amazing Grace – John Newton
    Near the Cross – Fanny Crosby

    Rock of Ages – Augustus Toplady

    “Your Praise Will Never Cease” was a new one. It’s a great song from Sovereign Grace that goes nicely with “Amazing Grace.”

  3. Joel,

    Great site, it’s nice to be able to share what we’re doing. My husband is the music minister here at All Saints, Newhall,CA. We are mixing up alot of styles too, as well as doing alot of “sung” mass–gloria,sanctus, Lord’s prayer, etc.

    How did you talk the rector into cutting his sermon? He’s such a great teacher…

    (recognize my name yet?)

    –peg golden arrington

  4. PEGGY!…wow how are ya…it’s been forever. We were just talking about you and wondering about damiana and jerimia…so cool to hear where you are at and the changes going on….wow….what is new?
    by the way…get the new cec logo…at resources page…the shield is no more

  5. brent: thanks man…I’m glad you do. and thanks for the compliments…My hope is the stuff will be used by other churches so If you want any of it and or chords let me know.

  6. ha ha ha..nice..which new template are you using? because that might be changing as well…crazy stuff the sites for the CEC…I can let you know more about it via email. is changing as well.
    very cool having you on here…very wild

  7. Darren: hey sorry your comment got thrown into spam…

    great set list by the way. sovereign grace is doing some real nice stuff.

    I LOVE a mighty fortress

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