Sara Groves new CD coming

If You are a reader on this blog then you know full well how I feel about Sara Groves. In particular her last CD Add to the Beauty. I consider that CD to be one of the top 10 CD’s of the last 20 years. If you haven’t bought it yet…get on it. With that said on her site she announced a new CD

On November 6th, INO Records will be releasing Sara’s new album “Tell Me What You Know”.

Sara says on her site:

“My life has been so changed and challenged in the last couple of years by people who have endured incredible hardship around the world, and by the people who have come alongside them working as what I imagine Jesus intended when he called us His Body. Where I used to see politics, poverty and detached social agendas, I now see people. This album is about people, and the defiance of their hope, it is about freedom, both spiritual and physical, and it is about what I have yet to learn about God from my neighbors who have gone to the places where courage is required, and have found a deeper understanding of Christ and his suffering, his redemption, and his joy.”


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  1. inWorship Avatar

    Hey dude, I am getting an “authentication is needed” box when I come to your site today. I am able to hit ok a couple of times and it eventually goes away. not sure if it something on my end, but I’ve only experienced on your blog today.

    Thought I’d let you know.

  2. kim Avatar

    Thanks for the comment! Enjoying your site as well. Also ran into the ‘authentication needed’ box mentioned above, but eventually out ran it, apparently.

  3. Paul J. Avatar

    I got it too. I just thought it was an impersonal way of keeping me off your blog.

  4. klampert Avatar

    hmmmm…i don’t know why it would do that…I link all photos from my server and it’s asking for my password.

    I’m gonna try to fix it…somebody post here to let me know if the fix worked.

  5. klampert Avatar

    ok ok all fixed. know I love ya buddy

    ..HOW BOUT SARA GROVES …she is amazing…any of you guys listen to her?

  6. felicity12 Avatar

    I love Sara Groves. She is one of my favorite singers. There’s a great new song that I think is on her new album called “I Saw What I Saw”. Where did you get this information, anyway? Just wondering.

  7. klampert Avatar

    welcome felicity.
    yeah sara is one of the best…I got the info from her website.

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