The Main Layout has changed

Ok so the main layout has been changed. I went for a very simple graphic layout. I will be changing many of the links to graphic links also.
Do you like it?
It’s custom on…so not a standard thing which is cool.

Only thing I think I want is the whole thing centered, but I can’t get the code to work for me.

So my issues:
1. I can’t get it to center..and have grey go all the way across
2. I think I am going to change all of the orange to dark red  That’s done
3. Some reason the header doesn’t butt up with the top

Any Code genius peeps out there? HELP!

24 thoughts on “The Main Layout has changed

  1. The new layout looks great!! We missed you guys on Sunday but look forward to seeing you next week!

  2. Alright, I am working on it as I type. I’ll see what I can come up with. So far i like it, but I would like to get into the CSS like Blogger allows you to do…without paying. I’d like to change some colors and font sizes. Maybe I am missing something?

  3. yeah I think it was $10 for the year for the CSS stuff. too me well worth it. I love the interface and the ease of wordpress way better than blogger.
    Let me know when you move.
    I totally forgot to add you to my blogroll…consider it done brent

  4. Thanks for the blogroll link. I will return the favor on the new site.

    You can check put the basic setup at Let me know what you think. Your welcome to comment there. I think I will purchase the CSS access. I agree that it would be worth it.


  5. Dude! Something is seriously wrong with my blog. I haven’t messed with the CSS stuff yet, just trying themes out and all I can get is what you see. you’ll have to check it out. it doesn’t matter what theme, they all look like this?

    I’ve posted a topic on the forum to see what’s up.

    Anyway, glad your still looks good 🙂

  6. Joel,
    Your centering solution:

    In your CSS file you start with something like:

    div#container {
    float: right;
    margin: 0 0 0 -200px;
    width: 100%;

    Which is kewl, but above it you need to add something like:

    text-align: center;

    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    text-align: left;

    For an explanation of why this works google “CSS center”

    For a website I designed and centered using this type of CSS see:

    The site looks great, and I’m jealous 🙂 As soon as I get a job I’m spending $10 on some custom CSS for my site too 🙂

  7. Hey this is off topic, but I checked out Fr Dave’s Blog and really enjoyed his writing. Please pass along this info of thanks.

    I have added him to my reader.

  8. ha considering he is my dad…Ive gotta like him…but yeah he is good. you can check out the church site as well if you want to hear any of the teachings…killer stuff.

  9. Awesome, I did not realize that. Very cool.

    I will be checking out the stuff on the website. Love the graphics. Our graphics guy is on The Lab at Flickr and said he has seen your churches stuff and likes it a lot.

  10. love the new header.

    Good job on using the !important feature to figure out the centering. Having multiple linked CSS files can really mess you up sometimes.

  11. brent: thanks man…I love changing the headers…i get bored easy. lol

    Billy: yeah man…I was able to center it but i couldnt get the text to left justify as well.. luckily Chris Moncus at fred mickinnons church helped me out with that.


  12. Dude, how are you setting up all your banner links?

    Also, maybe this is for Billy too. How would I canter and stretch a background. I don’t want it tiled.

    Here is the background code, what do I need to add to it?

    body {
    background: url(“”);

    Thanks guys.

  13. ok man here goes…

    banner link in sidebar. I save image on my server, but I think you can upload to wordpress as well and then…heres the code

    href=””><img src=”” alt=”Ancient…new again” border=”0″

    close the tags with the < and a codes…cant type it cus it disappears. lol

    first part is the link address, second part is the image location, third part is the alt text

    K now onto the body code
    I would have to do a little trial and error here but it should be

    background:url(‘’) repeat-x top center fixed;

    the center and fixed might be the variables but repeat x makes it tile across only

  14. I think I figured some stuff out. Thanks for the codes. I worked on stuff last night…colors, header and some borders. I think it is a little more me now.


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