The 2 year old Challenge

Conner at worshipcity challenged any and all to a “you dont have a cuter 2 year old” contest


Collin Michael Klampert 2 years old and rockin’ a capo!

Heck I’ll add more to it

Tristan James Klampert – in this pic he is 4 this was inΒ  2005 so now he is 6

ROCKIN’ IT OLD SCHOOL WITH A V-WEE he also has a ministrat.

15 thoughts on “The 2 year old Challenge

  1. Hey, trust me…these arn’t just cute kids, they got talent! Dad won’t brag so I will for him…sorry Joel, gotta do what I gotta do! They were singing up a storm after church on Sunday (Your Grace is Enough is apparently a favorite!), and I can personally speak to the guitars…they don’t just play with them, they PLAY them…well they have technique almost down and the chords will come later. (Collin will make anything a guitar, and air guitar is a mastered art for him at his tender age!) I have seen both of them behind the drums and keyboard as well. I am blessed to know them….:)

    But seriously…all the kids are too cute. The furry one is my favorite though. All my furry kids are over 2 now so they don’t count!

  2. was supose to be red but guitar center shipped the wrong one…he played with it for a week until the red one showed up…he likes the red way better…its now covered with stickers…punk style. one says GOD LIKES IT LOUD. lol

  3. they both have insanly good rhythm and pitch…they can both strum, and wail on the drums and sing…but until now they were both too small to play for real.
    I am going to be fising up tristans ministrat and start teaching him guitar in the next week…Im pretty stoked…they love using the wah wah…and all the gear an they have designated picks that they have to use…too funny…thier heroes are steve vai, SRV, and satriani.

  4. oh man I wish I could afford lessons for him. lol

    It is very hard to teach your own kid stuff…some reason they listen very well with others…good luck with you too. lol

  5. I see how you want to play! Pulling out the kids with guitars to sucker in all the musician Mom and Dads! I got one coming for you buddy!

    Seriously, that’s awesome! Chloe rocks my lil 4 string I brought her back from Nicaragua so far! PIC COMING SOON!!!

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